10th Tanganyika Meeting Part II

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10 Tanganyika Meeting held in Cracow on 22-23. IV. 2017r. It was a celebration of lovers of cichlids with special attention to lovers of biotope of Lake Tanganyika are great specialists but also passionate about the fish they are dealing with.

           Organizers = speakers.

Organizers and speakers

The breeding of cichlids African Tanganyika Malawi was a participant in the meeting. Below are some pictures of our presence.Evert van Amerloy

Mateusz Gaża/Evert van Ammelrooy (Netherlands)

H. Buscher +
Dariusz Gaża/Heinz H. Büscher (Switzerland)/Mateusz Gaża

Anton Lamboj
Mateusz Gaża/Anton Lamboj (Austria)

Yves Fermon
Dariusz Gaża/Yves Fermon (France)/Mateusz Gaża

Carsten Thorleif Stabel
Dariusz Gaża/Carsten Thorleif Stabel (Denmark)/Mateusz Gaża

Or. Cuhel + Evert
Lubomír Čuhel-Frontosa (Czech Republic)/Evert van Ammelrooy (Netherlands)

Still a few photos in anticipation of the 11th meeting Tanganyika.

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