10th Tanganyika Meeting

22. IV and 23. IV. 2017 Held in Cracow, the 10th meeting of the Tanganyika, organized by the Kraków importer of Tanganickich Fish, the company TROPHEUS represented by Marta and Robert Mierzeński.

Poster. JpgThe Program of the meeting announced itself very promising to all lovers of cichlids.

Saturday 22 April 2017
09:45-10:00 opening of the meeting!
10:00-11:15 Anton Lamboj (Austria) – Ichtiologiczna collection, Gabon 2016
11:30-12:45 Yves Fermon (France)-the general situation of the northern part of Lake Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
13:00-14:15 Heinz H. Büscher (Switzerland)-Fish from Lake Tanganyika, which breed on the ground-where do small fish come from? Film
15:30-16:45 Evert van Ammelrooy (The Netherlands) – from Gombe to Kasanga, an overview of the most interesting events during the 10 years of dives on the Tanzanian shore of Lake Tanganyika, part I
17:00-18:15 Anton Lamboj (Austria) – Alcolapia, Danakilia and Iranocichla – cichlids of extreme environments
Visit to the company Tropheus Tanganyika (for those interested)
19:30 – Evening meeting at the OPTIMA Hotel Centre
Sunday, April 23, 2017
10:00-11:15 Heinz H. Büscher (Switzerland)-Fish from Lake Tanganyika inkubujące spawning in the mouth-a multitude of strategies (film)
11:30-12:45 Evert van Ammelrooy (The Netherlands) – from Gombe to Kasanga, an overview of the most interesting events during 10 years of dives on the Tanzanian shores of Lake Tanganyika, part II
13:00-14:15 Yves Fermon (France) – unique family of electric fish from Africa: Mrukowate
14:15 ending a meeting

The speakers passionately conducted their lectures and followed them fully for all the additional questions of the listeners. There were also competitions related to Biotopem Tanganickim.
It can be said that the organizers did everything so that each visitor could return home, with a head full of impressions, new knowledge, but also had open eyes on the problems with which they faced the biotops of our aquarium pets exposed to interference Natives, companies as well as pseudo odławiających fish companies for the needs of aquarists.

Below is a brief fotorelation from the meeting:

Organizers. Jpg
Organizers – Marta and Robert Mierzeńscy.



The interested came numerous.
H. Buscher   The Prel. H. Buscher
Heinz H. Büscher (Switzerland).

Evert van Ammerlooy   The Prel. Evart van Amerloy
Evert van Ammelrooy (The Netherlands).

Anton Lamboj  The Prel. A. Lamboj
Anton Lamboj (Austria).

Yves Fermon  The Prel. Y. Fermon
Yves Fermon (France).
Contest  Competition (2)
There were contests with prizes.
Sorry to put up. We can not wait at the 11th meeting Tanganyika.